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"The day was amazing! I simply can't
believe the level of car control I had
achieved by the end of the day. Anyone with
a fast car needs to do this course now"


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DEK Dynamics brings a total understanding of a car’s dynamic behaviour when it is ‘on the limit’ of the available grip and provides the driver with the skills required to be able to react and adapt to the three critical motions of car control.

The car control skills you’ll learn with us, and practice throughout the day, become second nature, enabling you to react instinctively, retaining control of the car, as the situation demands. These skills are taught in secure private locations (not on race tracks), so progress can be made confidently and safely.

During the day, you will gain an in-depth understanding of why the car behaves as it does in extreme situations. You’ll practise the art of high speed car control in our range of High performance Jaguars and Volvos, learning how the different types of understeer and oversteer are induced and controlled.

RobbThe DEK Dynamics course is the brainchild of Robb Gravett, former British Touring Car Champion, British racing driver of the year, winner of numerous races and championships across the world and founder of Ultimate Car Control. This is a unique opportunity to learn the skills from a true racing champion.



DEK Inspiration (POA)

Learn the art of high speed car control from a racing champion

The Driver Encoded Knowledge (DEK) Inspiration half day driving experience gives drivers a great introduction to vehicle dynamics and why the car behaves as it does in extreme situations.

The courses take place at one of our private and secure venues across the country thus ensuring that drivers are able to learn and practice their new skills in complete safety. Coffee and registration are followed by a full three and a half hour instruction session which includes an introduction to the theory and skills you’ll be learning and practical instruction on the tarmac in our fleet of high performance cars.

Former British Touring Car Champion Robb Gravett’s friendly team of highly qualified performance driving instructors will guide and assist you throughout the session.

Each driver will get to drive a number of different cars from our extensive training fleet including the Jaguar XF and the simply staggering XFR and XKRS with over 500bhp.
(Note: makes and models may be subject to change)

You will learn some of the high speed car control techniques used by only the very top racing drivers – skills that helped Robb win numerous races and championships across the world. You’ll get to practice these high speed skills again and again throughout the session in each of the cars, with our instructors encouraging you to reach your maximum potential.

DEK Inspiration is a UCC accredited course and therefore all participants who successfully complete the course will gain certification.

xkrDEK Dynamics Day 1 (POA)

The DEK Dynamics Day 1 takes a more in-depth look at the skills learned in the Dynamics Experience and builds on that understanding with more advanced exercises and skills such as high speed accident avoidance techniques. This greater appreciation of a driver's input brings huge safety benefits to everyday road driving, while the high-speed aspects are a must for anyone contemplating track driving or racing.




The Dynamics 'Day 1' course includes:

DEK Dynamics Day 2 (POA)

The Dynamics Day 2 builds on the skills learnt during day one. The same techniques are practiced, but at higher speed, to build your car control skills, and new techniques are introduced such as left-foot braking.

DEK Dynamics Race Day 3 (POA)

Dynamics Day 3, builds further on day two, after which you will have the skills to handle any high performance car confidently at racing speed. Day three also includes race craft tuition.

DEK Dynamics Race Mentor (POA)

Many racing drivers do not have the car control skills you will now possess and so the DEK Dynamics Race Mentor service works with you to exploit these new skills during a whole season of motorsport, ensuring you harness your potential to be at the front of the grid and battling for honours.

Mentoring includes:

Race mentoring can be arranged for both national and international race series – POA


* Please note: the training fleet is always evolving and as such cars are subject to change.