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"The day was amazing! I simply can't
believe the level of car control I had
achieved by the end of the day. Anyone with
a fast car needs to do this course now"


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Less-experienced and younger drivers can put themselves in great danger at the wheel of a high performance car without the proper training.

The DEK Friends & Family course is tailored for successful individuals and the independently wealthy whose partners and children have access to premium high performance vehicles. It is essential that all drivers appreciate and respect the car's capabilities and learn how to handle it in a safe and responsible manner, so that they are able to react confidently and correctly, and instinctively, in extreme or emergency situations.

DEK Friends & Family brings all the essential practical elements of the DEK Executive course to bear but with a lighter introduction geared towards an audience who don't drive professionally and ensures peace of mind where loved ones and trusted friends are concerned.

The day is run at one of our private and secure venues across the country, to ensure that drivers are able to learn and practice their new skills in complete safety, using our extensive training fleet, including Jaguar and Volvo performance cars.

RobbThe DEK Friends and Family course benefits from the experience and expertise of former Touring Car Champion Robb Gravett. His deep understanding of high speed dynamic car control has enabled him to design a course that allows younger or less confident drivers to quickly gain the skills and respect required to handle a high performance motor car safely.


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The course includes:

* Please note: the training fleet is always evolving and as such cars are subject to change.