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"The day was amazing! I simply can't
believe the level of car control I had
achieved by the end of the day. Anyone with
a fast car needs to do this course now"


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DEK VIP & Sports is an advanced high performance driving skills course held on secure private property, and specifically developed for key business people, sports personalities and celebrities. More than any other, this group often has access to the world’s fastest and most powerful vehicles, but often without the knowledge to get the best out of them in a controlled and confident manner.

The DEK VIP & Sports course is designed specifically to provide the advanced, high speed car control skills required to avoid the kind of accidents often seen involving inexperienced drivers and high performance cars. This in turn minimises the risk to the driver, passenger and other road users and also minimises the potential risk to the public reputations of the celebrity and their employers.

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The course imparts a level of car control that is unsurpassed, helping you to recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations on the road, and it equips you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to react appropriately and safely in any scenario, whatever type of vehicle you may be driving.

DEK Sports

Success for a professional athlete brings many fine things including access to some of the world’s most powerful sports cars. With it comes an inherent risk to the athlete and those around them.

The consequences of an accident in a high performance car range from simply embarrassing – a photo in the press or on the news with some minor damage to car and ego that are forgotten in time – to potentially career ending if serious injury occurs to the athlete or other road users.

Ultimate Car Control and Jaguar Cars have developed a unique driving skills programme for professional athletes that allows greater enjoyment of these amazing vehicles and instils a level of car control that helps protect them, and all those around them.

This isn’t the type of driver training where you’re stuck in a car all day with an instructor criticising your driving style! These skills are taught in secure private locations (not race tracks), for maximum driving practice so progress can be made confidently and safely.

The one day programme was designed by Robb Gravett, former British Touring Car Champion, and founder of Ultimate Car Control. As a driver, your advanced car control skills will become second nature, enabling you to react instinctively, retaining control of the car, even in demanding situations.

For Athletes: Thecourse helps to protect your life and your reputation by giving you the advanced driving skills required to remain in complete control of any high performance vehicle, whatever the conditions. Loved ones with access to the same high-performance cars can also be protected through our Family and Friends programme.

For Club and Management: DEK Sports has been specifically designed to protect your greatest assets while on the road. Providing your athletes with access to high performance vehicles also brings legal responsibilities –DEK Sportswill cover all your obligations under all current UK health & safety, duty of care and corporate manslaughter legislation.

For Sponsors and Partners: DEK Sports provides a unique opportunity to entertain and build relationships with key people in an exciting yet private environment.

The DEK VIP & Sports course is completed in a single day using our range of brand new Jaguar performance cars including XF, XJ and the stunning 500bhp supercharged XKR coupe and XFR saloon.

RobbThe DEK VIP & Sports programme has been designed by former Touring Car Champion and British racing driver of the year Robb Gravett. His deep understanding of high speed dynamic car control enables you to very quickly get to grips with the capabilities of a high performance car and to do so in a confident and controlled manner. Robb will personally oversee the day and provide one-to-one advice throughout.


This is a guide only as DEK V.I.P. courses are usually tailored to specific client requirements.


The course includes:

The day is run at one of our private and secure venues across the country to ensure that drivers are able to learn and practice their new skills in complete safety.


* Please note: the training fleet is always evolving and as such cars are subject to change.