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"The day was amazing! I simply can't
believe the level of car control I had
achieved by the end of the day. Anyone with
a fast car needs to do this course now"


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Robb Gravett has a unique driving sensitivity and awareness that has been developed from his many years of highly successful racing at the forefront of motorsport worldwide.

Robb is a former British Touring Car Champion and winner of numerous races and car championships across the world. Throughout his extensive career, he has won many accolades including being voted British Racing Driver of the Year and Chamber of Commerce Sportsman of the Year.

Years of success at the top of international motorsport has meant Robb has been able to re-invest his skills to develop a series of unique training programmes to protect drivers at every level of risk.

Robb has designed the DEK performance driving programmes to provide the driver with a full dynamic awareness that effectively imparts a level of car control that is unsurpassed. It is incredibly empowering and provides the driver with the skills required to be able to react and adapt to the critical motions of car control.