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"The day was amazing! I simply can't
believe the level of car control I had
achieved by the end of the day. Anyone with
a fast car needs to do this course now"


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Safeguard your dignitaries on the road

DEK DIPLOMATIC is a two day course designed specifically for Embassies and High Commissions located in the United Kingdom.

The course outlines both the drivers and employers legal requirements and responsibilities, before focusing on the skills needed to protect and safeguard important passengers on the road. Attendees are reviewed on their current standard of driving, from an advanced driving point of view, and their awareness of the security risks and threat. Industry best-practise training is then based around the results, covering a wide range of topics including chauffeur etiquette, route planning and hazard awareness and avoidance.

On completion attendees will have greater awareness of their responsibilities and better skills with which to complete their roles.

This comprehensive course includes:
• Vehicle checks
• Driving assessment
• Situation awareness & planning
• Hazard awareness & avoidance
• Basic advanced driving techniques on-road
• Practical threat driving scenarios
• Route planning
• Contingency planning
• Surveillance & counter surveillance techniques
• Chauffeur etiquette
• Modern vehicle safety features
• Dynamic vehicle handling
• Manoeuvring/security features

DEK Diplomatic

For Embassies & High Commissions
DEK DIPLOMATIC helps you provide your staff and their important passengers with the best protection possible whilst on the road. It is also important to be aware that using high performance vehicles also brings legal responsibilities so, at the same time, DEK DIPLOMATIC will cover all your obligations under current UK Health & Safety, Duty of Care and Corporate Manslaughter legislation.

For Chauffeurs & Close Protection Officers (CPOs)
The DEK DIPLOMATIC course is essential training for both chauffeurs and CPOs. It helps to protect the life of the driver and those in their care, by teaching the advanced driving skills required to remain in complete control of any high performance vehicle, whatever the situation or conditions.


* Please note: the training fleet is always evolving and as such cars are subject to change.